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 Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions that we are asked by families researching childcare options. If you are unable to find the answer to your question below, you can contact us at 719-547-3298 or [email protected]

What ages do we accept?
Our center accepts ages 6 weeks- 6 years old
What are your Hours of Operations?
 Our center is open Monday-Friday 7AM-6PM. We are closed on major holidays.
How do you monitor who comes in and out of the building?
Our center many procedures in place to protect our children. Our main building and our before and after building use a keyless entry pad to limit access to the facility by first time visitors. Upon enrolling your child, you will receive a code to enter the building. If you have notified us that a friend or family member will be picking up your child, they will be asked for identification to verify.
Are there cameras in the school?
All our classrooms on campus are equipped with cameras. For the protection of the children, there is no streaming video on a website or a mobile app.
What are the qualifications of teachers?
All of our teachers are qualified. Our teachers have either a degree in ECE, the required ECE courses or a CDA. Staff Aides are not left alone until they are qualified.

 What is the discipline policy?
We have created a discipline policy that reflects our philosophy of positive guidance with children. Please see page 16 of our family handbook for more information.  
What is the ratio of my child’s classroom?
Infant Room-1:4
Toddler 1-1:4
Toddler 2 Frog-1:4
Toddler 2 Monkey-1:7

 Do you accept Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)?
We currently accept families who are eligible for the CCAP program.
When is your nap time?
Infants: Are on their own nap schedule
T1: 12:00-2:30
T2: 12:00-2:30
Monkey: 12:00-2:30
Preschool: 12:45-2:45
PreK: 1:00-2:45
If your child does not nap, per licensing we have your child rest on their cot for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, we provide items (books, puzzles, etc.) or the teachers work one on one with your child.
Do you provide meals?
Our program partners with the federal nutrition assistance entitlement program known as the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)